How do I install Echo?

To receive the Echo download link, please contact us. Once you receive the download link, select it and follow the instructions.

Once Echo is installed you will need to configure it. You can do so using 'Echo Control'. You can find it in your "start menu".

Echo Control is a small application that will run in your system tray. When it is running you will see a small Authentise logo in the system tray. Right-click on it and select 'Configure'.

The 'Authentise Echo Configuration' dialogue allows you to specify the current proxy and the Authentise credentials that Echo will use to communicate with 3DIAX. The proxy settings should be set as


The first time you run the configuration be sure set the proxy first.

You can then click 'Save' and Echo will test the proxy configuration and show you the results of the test. You should then add your Authentise username and password and click 'Save'. Echo will then use your credentials to create a unique API token for itself which it will use to communicate with 3DIAX.

Once this is done Echo will immediately start communicating with the printers you have configured. This includes any printers you previously configured using older versions of Echo as long as you use the same username and password for the new installation as you did for the old installation.

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