You can now add scheduled post-processing steps to your order in MES. To do so, please enter available post-processing equipment and steps. These are widely defined to include:

  • Physical Post-processing, including:
    • Bed removal
    • Support Removal
    • Polishing
  • Inspection/Quality Assurance
  • Shipping

Each of these steps and more could be added as a Post Processor Type by selecting "inventory" and "Post Processor Type".

Adding a Post Processor Type involves adding the Name, Description, which materials it can be used on, and the manufacturer. All this information is required.

Once you have added a Type, you can add an actual post-processing Device or Station by selecting "Inventory">"Post Processors"

Here you can define the location of the Device/Station as well as the average duration in addition to adding the name and selecting the device.

Now you're ready to select the device as a post-processing step when creating an order. You can do so in the "new order" form or by clicking on an existing order. 

Note that each Post-Processing Type will only appear once. When the printing of the order is scheduled, the Post Processing will be scheduled as a step following the printing automatically on an available device in the location of print or, if not available, another location. 



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