How exactly do you charge?


Pricing Philosophy 

Transaction-based Products

Fixed Price License Products


Pricing Philosophy 

Authentise is aligned with your success. Therefore, we have tried to create a billing method that helps you grow: The more you grow, the more we get paid. This means we will always be working on features and support that will help you grow, and prevents perverse incentives that arise when you're being charged based on licenses: License pricing means we're charging you for every person in the room, which disincentivizes us to help you create growth.

Billing you based on throughput means we're 100% behind your growth ambitions, but we're flexible. If you need a different billing method please get in touch and we'll try and work something out for you!

Every product we offer comes with excellent deployment and training support. Thus, in addition to the license fees listed below, we charge a Setup Fee. To share the risk of that setup and to give you a taste of the platform before fully committing, we only charge 50% of the setup fee upfront. The remainder does not become due until you fully Accept delivery, which may take several months. the License Fee doesn't start until then either. Yet another example of how we take on the risk to help you grow!


Transaction-based Products

You're charged based on your Transaction Tier level. See below how we determine your Transactions for different types of products we offer. All payments are annual, in advance.

2 Strike Rule: You have 1-month grace, which means if you exceed your Transaction limit once per annum, we will not charge you for the higher tier. From the month of the second time you exceed the limit, we will charge you the next Tier for the rest of the year, or until you exceed the next Tier again. There is no rollover.



Flows & Flows AM


We take two measurements to determine the number of Transactions. :
(a) When the order is generated we calculate total prints (geometries in order * the times each geometry is set to be printed)
(b) When the print is executed we take the same measurement (geometries in order * the times each geometry is actually printed out)

The number of Transactions is the HIGHER of either (a) or (b). If something is uploaded at one time and printed another, and the latter is higher, we associate the difference to your account. Support structures are not counted as separate geometries and are included in the cost of the initial geometry.



You are charged based on your Transaction Tier. That means, your payment depends on how many transactions you have per month. The Tier intervals are set at: 

  • 1,000
  • 2,500
  • 5,000
  • 7,500
  • 10,000
  • custom pricing is available after 10,000 Transactions per month


  • if your Transaction count is 1,623 you are in the 2,500 Tier
  • if your Transaction count is 923 you are in the 1,000 Tier. 

Final Pricing

Your final bill will depend both on the number of Transactions and on the range of services you're using. That will depend on the number of modules. See which modules are included in our MES service here, and for a full list of services (incl. which count as an extension) click here. Both are subject to change. The highest Tier of all modules in use will be applied to all modules. 



Digital Design Warehouse

In the case of the Digital Design Warehouse, Transactions are measured based on the greater of:

  • Number of Parts Ordered
  • Number of Parts Uploaded


Fixed Price License Products

We haven't figured out how to do Transaction-based pricing for all products yet. There's a different pricing method for the other products we offer:



Material Management

Material Management is charged based on a flat annual fee.



Data Connector

Data Connector is charged in Tiers (of up to 5, up to 10, etc) based on the number of machines connected.


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