3Diax Local/On-premise Install Requirements

This is relevant ONLY to those deciding to go fully "local" - ie not chosing a private cloud or Managed Services option of deployment. Please check out our summary of deployment options to learn more.

Requirements for a client-owned data center installation of 3Diax:

  • Linux computing resources.
    • These can be virtual machines are bare metal hardware.
    • RHEL, CentOS or Debian flavors. Ubuntu LTS Server preferred.
    • The Linux kernel must be version 3.10 or newer
    • Total RAM and CPU are usage dependent, 4 virtual CPUs at ~2.0Ghz and 64 Gb total RAM minimum
  • Network-attached storage
    • Storage total size and IOPS requirements are usage dependent, 10Gb minimum
    • Backups must be handled by the customer
  • Permit outgoing HTTPS connections to Authentise
    • These connections allow us to bill the installation on a per-transaction basis as well as send emails/SMS notifications using our infrastructure
    • Standard SSL over port 443 at periodic intervals, no customer-owned data is transmitted.
  • Incoming HTTPS requests over intranet
    • All 3Diax services are exposed via HTTPS, so client software must be able to reach 3Diax servers over port 443 internally

If the customer has a particular database engine requirement 3Diax can be integrated with an existing database server and license. Otherwise 3Diax will allocate some of the NAS and compute resources to running Postgres on Linux for all of 3Diax’s RDBS needs.

If you're intending to use Machine Data as part of your MES, MA or 3Diax module install, then you will need Echo. Echo is described here, and needs minimal hardware: a very simple windows computer should do the trick. The only important mark is that this computer must sit on the same network as your printer. For certain printers you may need to install it directly on the PC controlling your printer.

Additionally if the deployment will be using slicing or design streaming to Stratasys printers:

  • Windows computing resources
    • Virtual machines or bare metal hardware
    • Windows Server 2012 or Windows 10
    • 8 Gb RAM, 1 2.0Ghz CPU minimum

3Diax is architected as a system of microservices that are deployed via containers. This allows for flexibility in allocate computing resources and easy scalability. All deployments of 3Diax come with a dashboard for monitoring resource utilization to make informed decisions about adding additional capacity to the cluster.

This architecture diagram might help:



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