Recent MES Updates

We will highlight significant recent changes to MES below. By significant we mean anything that impacts the user experience. More subtle changes may happen unannounced. 

3 April 2019

  • The Authentise App has been released! This new tool digitizes the tracking of AM processes, in particular, post-processing steps which are completely manual. Operators can close the loop and scan QR codes for every step of production, which automatically informs the MES.
  • Several fixes: some issues with restricted users seeing outside their domains have been fixed, as well as UI quirks with the new Add Run page.

4 March 2019

  • Ability to switch views between individual parts and whole line items in the "Add Run" page.
  • Users can now send individual or multiple parts simultaneously to any number of third parties for quoting directly in the run creation page.
  • The run creation page ("Add Run") now has a number of different filters available to the user: not only just printer, now also workflow, material, location and direct keywords.

5 February 2019

  • Ability to “rework” individual items in the run page: Providing the option to send parts of a build, and not the whole build through a “rescheduling” loop with comments. Eventually, we will connect this feature to print data to automatically suggest which parts of the build need to be re-worked based on feedback from the machine.
  • We instituted a global “reply-to” policy, meaning that replies to emails that are sent by the Authentise system are routed no longer routed back to but go to the owner of the print job in question.
  • Implemented “filters” on the traceability page

30 August 2017

  • Machine Learning for Estimates: Some estimates (for print run time, material etc) are now based on information captured from prints, so they get better over time. We initially just estimated prints based on toolpaths, which is fairly accurate - but this is more so. This does not yet apply to on-premise deployments.
  • Post Process Pricing: Included ability to set a fixed price per post-production step and for this price to be considered in the total price being generated once you select the relevant template for each line-item.
  • Review/Exchange files more easily: We've enabled you to download and replace the design files used for each line item.

05 July 2017

  • Added Multi-geometry support: We have been told that orders may have more than 1 geometry attached to them. We have enabled support for this, which leads to following changes. They are described in this user guide.

25 June 2017

  • Template Process Generator: In order to make sure that objects are executed consistently, you can now create a template process and associate it with the geometry within an order. Doing so will make sure that every step mentioned in that Template Process will be scheduled for that particular geometry as soon as the first step is scheduled. Read more about it here.


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