Order Upload

We recently added multi-geometry support to orders. This means you can add multiple geometries to a single order. Please note some of the changes in user experience that stem from this update:

When you upload a new order you'll see that several fields (Model, Material, Support Material, Quantity, Template) have been moved to the bottom of the page into a single line. You can keep on adding and removing these lines to add new geometries.

When looking at an order summary you'll see that the page has similarly change. Basic order information (like order name, customer etc) is now at the top, together with which runs the order is associated to. Each geometry itself is listed below that general information with estimates and a render included, as before. All process steps that derive from that order are also listed. Below that you now have the opportunity to add another geometry, if required.

NOTE: We're still playing with a few bugs and features. One that stands out is the ability to see a cumulative estimate for all geometries in the order put together at the top of the page. It's coming! If you have more suggestions/comments we'd love to hear them.

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