Creating an Order

Creating an order is the first step in the journey from idea to reality. We strive to make the process of capturing design intent as simple as possible.


An order in Authentise has two main components

  • Order Summary - Details about who is placing the order, where it's going, and what it's for.
  • Line Item(s) - Details about each geometry that is going to be printed. Each Line Item will be based on a single geometry file and contains a number of parameters to ensure the printed item is what you're looking for (quantities, materials, workflows, and custom specifications).


When you create a new order you will first be asked to specify Order level details. After completing the required fields, you will click the Add Line Items button to create an order and have the opportunity to begin adding geometries to your order.


After scrolling past the order summary, you will be able to create a line item by selecting a model file and specifying the required Line Item parameters. When you are happy with your specifications, press the Save CAD File button. Note: You will want to add a line item for every unique combination of model geometry and parameters necessary to fulfill your order. 


After adding a Line Item you will see the Line Item beneath the Order Summary and will be able to review and adjust the parameters for that object.



We are always expanding the capabilities of our Order Acceptance process. If you have any suggestions, please contact!



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