In order to make sure that objects are executed consistently, you can now create a template process and associate it with the geometry within an order. Doing so will make sure that every step mentioned in that Template Process will be scheduled for that particular geometry as soon as the first step is scheduled.

Example "Create a Template": Create a Template (by clicking "Inventory" > "Templates" > "Add Templates") with a printer you select as a step, followed by a post processing type you've already entered into the inventory. At each stage you can mention whether notes should be "required", "optional" or "hidden"

Example "Assign Template": To assign a template, select the appropriate "Template" while adding a new geometry. The "Template" may be changed as long as the first Run has not been scheduled.

Example "Activate Template": The template becomes active when you create your first run with the part. As soon as that is done the printer is assigned, and you will be able to see in the "Queues" page that the part has not only been scheduled on the Print run but at every station/process step that was listed in the template.

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