Email Alerts

Customers can receive various updates as the order progresses through the system. If you are not currently receiving these alerts and would like to, please create a support request to adjust your bureau's setup. This is decision is typically made during the setup of your bureau and may need to be tweaked. 

Alerts can be sent...

  • Upon Upload of the order
  • Upon Confirmation of all line items in the order
  • Upon Scheduling of all objects in the order
  • Upon Print start of the first object in the order
  • Upon Error of any object in the order
  • Upon Shipping of all objects in the order.

Each of these alerts can be sent to an order's Customer email, the order Owner, and/or pre-set email addresses for the entire Bureau. 


The alerts contain basic information such as:

  • Message Title: [order name] Status Update
  • Dear [user name],
  • Your order, [Order name], was updated on [date:time stamp]
  • The status was changed to [status name]
  • Your estimated shipping date was [update to DATE/not updated]
  • Thank you for your order.
  • Powered by [authentise logo]

The emails will come from an web address but we can configure a Reply-To address if you inform us of it. 


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