Interested in receiving an estimate for your order before it is placed? Authentise offers quoting! Quotes are automatically generated by processing information related to the cost and production time of manufacturing all the parts of an order.

In the Line Estimates tab, you can see the individual breakdown of the costs that are factored into producing each piece as well its total cost. These factors include Printing Cost, Print Time, Model Volume, Support Used, Post-Processing Cost, Material Cost, Total Cost, Design Cost, and Bureau Price.

Quotes may change as more information is collected or altered. For instance, if you receive a quote on a line item and decide to change the material, the estimate will adjust to reflect those changes.


In the event you may want to change or update these estimates, clicking Edit will allow you to override the estimated print time, bureau cost, and bureau price. You may also submit any additional costs per piece here.


You can also now require an order quote on any unconfirmed order. This option also allows you to include an order discount as well as any relevant notes.


You may change the quote details by directly typing the new changes into the fields and using the Save Order Quote button. You can access a downloadable paper copy of the order quote by clicking Export Order Quote. Previous Quote Documents are also available for download by clicking Last Version.


When requiring an Order Quote, you will be able to access Quote Preview at the Line Item level. Unit prices are displayed for each process step in addition to the total cost. When accessing a specific process step, you are able to view a more precise breakdown of the factors contributing to that Unit Price including Labor and Workstation Time. 


By clicking the Edit button on the top right corner, you are able to adjust the default values set by your bureau and add any additional charges.


Note: To access the default settings set by your bureau, navigate to Administration > Settings > Defaults.




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