The quoting module can do two things:

1) Generate Internal Quotes: We generate prices in a variety of ways

  • For certain printers, we generate the toolpath. This generates the time to print and material required. You can set costs for both of these items in the inventory. 
  • If we don't have access to the toolpath generator we use the bounding box and volume of the object. We use machine learning to improve the cost per volume over time or to create it if not present for certain material/machine combinations. That learning algorithm will also improve estimates for toolpath-derived quotes if we notice a big differential between toolpath numbers and actuals (wink, wink Stratasys). 
  • There are also Premium Quoting options - we use third parties that have built large databases to make quoting SUPER accurate. Other third parties also provide very sleek interfaces. Both options are available and already integrated. There is constant innovation in the field and our open API platform enables you to take advantage of that without incurring high switch cost. If you're interested in this option, get in touch.
  • Post-production pricing is handled in a separate inventory item is currently static (IE it doesn't depend on the size of the object). This is currently only available in the MES System. You can set these costs in the "Post-Processing" Inventory. Expect further development in this field - suggestions welcome.

2) Generate External Quotes: We can generate the average price from 3 large printing bureaus for any object you want. There are two options to do this: (a) we can share the original model, and (b) we can use our geometric search module to identify a similar model, and quote that in order to protect your IP.

In either case, we can use the information not only to compare your own prices in real time, but to create dashboards that show your managers how much you are saving with internal production vs external production. Ask us for a demonstration today.

Documentation on both of these variants of the Quoting module are available in our docs page.


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