Machine Analytics

Our Machine Analytics module captures data from printers and displays it on dashboards. It's also available as a tie in to MES, which uses the data to create operational efficiency (such as generating a traceability report or updating order ID automatically). 

Data types differ for different machines, we focus on these since they're operationally valuable as automation triggers:

Machine ID

ID, Name, Series - Unique identifyers and general ones


Whether the printing is printing, warming, under maintenance or idling

Print being printed

Ideally, the design name as well as the build name


Layers printed, time printed,


Total Layers, total time to print

Material available*

Material available in the printer

Material used

Materials consumed in the current or last build

Maintenance Events

Any log of changes to the machine, recent maintenance events

Error Messages


Build Time

Estimated and actual build time of the job being printed


The current material being used

However, we get a whole data dump from printers and you can also access that data via the API we provide.

For some, like EOS, you have to pay extra to access the detailed sensor data. Others, like SLM, aren't as detailed. We don't currently integrate 3rd party sensor data, but would love to work with you on that. As I mentioned we're starting to head in this direction with Intel and a number of others.


Machines supported with Machine Analytics are listed here.


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