Deployment Options

There are various ways to deploy the Authentise Platform and services, including derivatives such as the Manufacturing Execution System. Material Management, or Machine Analytics

If you are choosing a on-premise or private cloud version for security reasons, we invite you to review our Enhanced Security Module - we are confident this will meet your needs!


Type Definition Pro Con
Cloud Create your own corporate account on our servers and start using all Authentise services nearly immediately. 

- Easiest way to get going: Rapid setup & maintenance

- No additional cost. We even pay for your server usage.

- Access to value added services based on data, as well as early access to new features.

None that we can think of. This is the best option.

Cloud (ITAR) Shared Server on specifically secured ITAR server. 

As above, plus:

- Highly secure thanks to the Enhanced Security Module

As above

Managed Private Cloud

We set up a Dedicated Server for you, which is separate from our Shared Servers.

This is available either on ITAR servers (we use Azure Gov) or standard (AWS). 

- Discount vs Private Cloud

- Setup & maintenance faster than local deployment

- Your data is not only logically separated from other user's data, but also by server.

- Ability to VPN tunnel in

- Cost (setup and continued usage)

- We've still got to set it up, so that might take a little while (<1 week)

- May not address all IT policies

Private Cloud

We set up our Authentise Platform or you on your own cloud servers (AWS or Azure) and are a guest on your servers to assist with maintenance.


Alternatively we can set it up and hand over the keys once it's done. After that we have no access at all, even for maintenance (which might slow things down when things go wrong).


We usually set up a separate staging instances, which we continue to update - you then use that as a template to update your own server.

- Discount vs Local Deployment

- Faster setup than local deployment

- Likely to address all but the most arduous IT policies.

- Cost (setup and continued usage)

- We've still got to set it up, so that might take a little while (<1 week)

- You must perform your own upgrades and maintenance. 

Local Deployment We install the Authentise platform on your servers in your datacenter and ensure it works in your environment with your IT team. - Complete adherence to even the most arduous IT policies.

- Must requisition resources (see here for list). 

- Usually quite a bit of back and forth with your IT department. Takes time (~2+ months)

- You must perform your own upgrades and maintenance

Your company, like all others, will eventually move to the cloud. There are just too many advantages and they are growing by the day - it's fast to set up, cheaper, and allows you access to better services. However, we know old habits die hard, and we know that most of you reading this are not actually in charge of the decisions/don't want to fight with the IT team. That's fine, we understand, which is why we have a variety of private options available. Talk to us about your specific situation - we're happy to address. Deployment has never been the reason why we weren't able to work with a potential partner.

Documentation for the non-cloud events listed above will be provided under

PS: Our preference, if it wasn't obvious, is the order in which the options are listed above - from Cloud (the best) to Local Deployment (the least favorite). 

*You're worried about privacy?! We're not. Here's why: We do use the data that is stored there to drive abstractions (such as print time per volume on different machines and materials) but these are abstractions - your data is never shared with anybody and you still own it (see our terms and conditions and our privacy policy)

You may only be installing Echo, our data connector, in which case we've created this document to assuage IT concerns.



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