Adding Users

If you're a manager you can add users. You can do so by clicking on your user name and then on "admin". See below:

Of course, if you use Single Sign On (SSO) then you would likely not have to do this at all, except to add other operators and managers. Contact us if you have questions about your organization.

As a manger you can determine who joins, and at what level. Generally speaking, there are 4 levels:

  1. Manager: Gets to do and see everything.
  2. Global user: Gets to do and see everything, except add more users
  3. Local user: Only gets do do and see everything except for adding users at the location he's assigned to.
  4. Restricted: Can only upload an order and see/edit his/her own order.

To add a new user, click "add user" and enter the email and name. Once that's done you can click on the name and select the level you want them to join at.

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