User Administration and Roles

If you have the Manager role, you have administrative privileges and you can add users via the Administration page. You can find this page by clicking on the person icon in the top right of the navigation bar and then on "Administration". See below:


If you use Single Sign-On (SSO) then you will most likely not have to do this at all, except to elevate the roles of other operators and managers. Contact us if you have questions about your organization.

As a manager, you can add new users and determine what permissions role to give them. The 4 different roles users can have are:

Manager: Has highest level permissions and actions, and is able to add, edit, delete everything within the bureau. This is the only role able to change bureau configurations in the Administration page and administer bureau users and locations.

Global User: Has permissions to add, edit, and delete manufacturing objects (Orders, Line Items, Inventory, and Types) within ALL locations in the bureau. A global user cannot add a location to the bureau.

Location User: Has permissions to add, edit, and delete manufacturing objects (Orders, Line Items, Inventory, and Types) within the specific locations they are a part of within their broader bureau.

Restricted User: Permissions are specifically restricted to creating and deleting orders and line items. Restricted users can view, edit, and delete an order's contents only if the order was created by that restricted user.


Adding a New User

If your organization is set up with Single Sign-On, then you will not need to add new users. However, you will have to change their permission if they are to be anything other than a "Restricted User" (see Changing/Deleting a User)

1. Click on the "Add New User" button.

2. Enter the name and email of the new user and click the "Create User" button when finished.

3. Find and click on the name of the new user from the user's list.

4. Select the level of permissions that you want that user to have.


Changing/Deleting a User

1. Go to 

2. Click on the name of the person you want to edit. On the right, you will see their permissions. Now you have 3 options, you can:

  • delete the user (click delete and confirm)
  • edit user details (click edit, then edit the name and/or email and save) 
  • change their permissions (unclick the current permissions box and click another. If you have more than one permission we will respect the "highest" permission).




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