Order Fields

You have some flexibility in defining what information is captured as an order is entered. Usually, that flexibility is greatest at the outset when we're deploying to your organization's bureau. Please think carefully about what you want to include.

There are a number of different types of fields. If you've used the Showroom (contact us about access), then you know that there are two fundamental distinctions:

  • Order: The order holds all information related to all objects that are being uploaded (customer, address, tracking etc). 
  • Line Item: a line item is an individual geometry/object that is uploaded as a component of the order. There can be many line items, each with unique characteristics (material, support, workflow, etc.) 

Each of these categories has multiple information types and fields. We distinguish between:

  • Required: Must be part of the upload form. Authentise needs this to process your order.
  • Recommended: Recommended to be part of the upload form, as certain features might not be available if not used.
  • Standard: Normally part of deployments, but can be disabled at setup.
  • Optional: Not normally part of deployments, but can be embedded at setup

Most items are either defined in the Inventory (marked "Inventory" in the attached sheet), dropdowns (which are hardcoded in our backend, marked "Dropdown") or raw data inputs. 

You can see all currently available items and their definitions here. Please discuss these items when we help you set up your account. 


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