Echo Installation Guide

Installing Echo is a little complicated at the moment. We're making it easier, promise. Meanwhile, follow the instructions below. Make sure you do so ON A PC THAT'S CONNECTED TO THE SAME NETWORK AS THE PRINTER YOU NEED TO MONITOR. If your printer requires a computer connected directly to it to be controlled (rather than just on the network), you need to install Echo there. There are more details on how to prepare for an installation here.

First, find the latest installer. To do so, go to:

You'll find a number of links (which might look slightly different from the below depending on your browser):

You're looking for a link tagged with the reference: "installer": "Echo", "platform": "windows", "type": "exe", "version". Highlight the attached link, copy it, add it to the browser URL bar, and download it. Install it. 

Agree to the terms: 

Once installed, click on "Echo Control" in the start menu. A small icon for Authentise will appear in the bottom right. Right click it and select "configure"

Now enter your user name and password for your account. If it has worked, you will see two "Connection successful" alerts. 

Now Echo on your computer is connected to the Authentise servers. You can now start configuring your printers. To do that, go to "View Modelers" and follow these instructions.


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