Digital Design Warehouse - Restricted Users

Welcome to your Digital Design Warehouse (DDW) portal, as a customer, or restricted user! In this article, we will provide an overview of the DDW and explain how restricted users (or customers) can effectively utilize its features.

What is the Authentise Digital Design Warehouse?
The Authentise Digital Design Warehouse is a platform that enables you and your colleagues to manage and distribute their digital design files securely. It serves as a centralized repository for stl files allowing users to access, search, and collaborate on these models. It allows you to select the models you want to order, add them to the Cart, and proceed to creating an order using the current ordering process.


My Library
Your own personal library, called "My Library", allows you to upload your own stl files to the platform, making them easily accessible for your personal use. These will not be accessible to other restricted users, but will be accessible by managers. You can interact with manager users through tagging them in comments - for example you can request that certain models be uploaded to the Company Library for broader access and utilization within your organization


Company Library
The Company Library is a collection of digital design files that are available for use within your organization. As a restricted user, you can browse through the library, search for specific models or files, and order them. The managers can publish new models to the Company Library, and will be accessible by all users in your organization.


Adding Models to Cart
To place an order, first add models to the cart using the Add to Cart button seen when opening a model. When you come across a model that you wish to add to your order, simply click on the Add to Cart button associated with that item, and enter the quantity you wish to order. The model will be added to your cart, and you can proceed to the checkout process once you have finished selecting the desired models.

Navigating the Order Process
Once you have added all the desired models to your cart, proceed to the checkout process. This ordering process will be similar to the current process you are used to, but the line items will already be populated based on the ones you have chosen in your cart.


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