Custom Fields

Authentise now supports user configurable custom fields which allows users to configure the appearance and layout of all of their forms independently. This no code configurability allows users to to self-manage their custom fields for Design Objects such as Orders, Line Items, Runs and so on.


Add a custom field

Custom Fields can be found in your Administration Menu > Custom Fields Engine. To create a custom field, simply click on the "Add Custom Fields" button at the top right corner of the page.

The fields are split into eight sections:

  • Display Name
  • Field Key
  • Related Table
    • The user has the option to place the custom fields on a line item, order, run, manufacturer, service provider, material or model library form.
  • Data Type 
    • The user can pick from the data types text, textarea, float, array, date, integer, checkbox or url.
    • If the data type array is selected, the user can input the different data options.
  • Default Value
    • This will be the default value that is placed on the form.
  • Value Required
    • The user has the option to choose whether this field must be filled in by the user before they submit the form.
  • Is Visible for Restricted Users
    • Managers also have the ability to add or remove the custom fields from a restricted users related form. By default, the custom field is not visible by restricted users. However by checking this option, the custom field can be made visible to restricted users
  • Description 


Viewing the custom field

To view the custom field, users can select on the 'eye' icon which opens up the custom fields details. From here users can also choose to edit the custom field.

Editing the custom field

Users with access can edit the custom field by clicking on the edit icon. The Field contents and Display settings can be edited.

In the above example, a custom field with datatype array was selected. To add options to the list, users can click on the '+' icon which will open up a small form to add the:

  • Display Name (Key): How that "value" is shown to users in the UI of the application
  • Internal Value (Value): The "value" that is provided by the API for that array value.

* Please also note when adding your options that the default value must be one of the Array values.

Users will also be able to add and remove some of the options if necessary.


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