What are the compatible printers?

We're working on integrating as many printers as possible, as quickly as you can say "Additive Manufacturing".

Our support differs depending on what module you choose. In particular, it differs for 

  • Machine Analytics
  • Secure Delivery
  • Process Monitoring

Machine Analytics

Machine Analytics is the main printer connectivity service required to get data OUT of machines. An up-to-date list of supported printers for supported printers can be found here: http://docs.authentise.com/machine-analytics/supported-printers.html

Secure Delivery

This service is only used to get data IN to machines and isn't connected to MES at the moment. Please find out more about the module here

Process Monitoring
Process Monitoring only works for open source RepRap printers and Viridis3D printers. We have to work directly with OEMs to support their printers and add the functionality that will make it truly valuable. If you're an OEM interested who is interested in working with us, please let us know. 


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