Computer Vision - Step by Step Tutorial

Have you printed the camera mount already? Great.

Go to, sign up and login.

On the top bar, right side, click on Vision.

You will be prompted to download the Authentise App. Do that, run the installation and make sure the App is running. You should see a small Authentise app in the System Tray (near the clock, top right for OS X, bottom right for Windows).

The first step will tell you to select a printer. Since you have not printed with Authentise yet, just click "Next". It will lead you to a screen where you can print the calibration square (to calibrate the camera to your light conditions).

Click "Start Print" to load the print interface.

You will have to add your printer. If your printer is not listed, add it as Reprap Generic, confirm the slicing settings and start printing.

Now you can set your alert settings in the right side of the screen:

The following steps are about the camera setup. It's a lengthy process but you will not need to repeat it very often.

After you are finished with the camera calibration, it will ask you to upload a file to print and walk you through the printer setup.

The camera will be watching!


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