How do I mount my webcam?

The camera needs to be able to capture a centered image from the top of the printer, with full view of the printer bed, like this:


If you want to design your own camera mount, please feel free to do it. If you rather print or modify the one we have designed, here are the instructions:

Render of the gantry:

- It's a rod based gantry. It stands on the table and looms over the printer: This alternative mount should also be easy to assemble.

- The prints are broken up for best printing, and how many times the STLs have to be printed:

- This design is optimized for using 5/16" all-thread rod, but it should theoretically work with 8mm all-thread and nuts.

Gantry mounted with webcam attached:


- In our design we used 3 1 yard lengths of 5/16" all-thread, but we presume that, depending on your printer, it may need to be taller, so you may need to get 2 1 yard rods per leg, which would come out to be 5-6 rods required, so:

  • 3-6 1 yard x 5/16" all-thread OR m8 rod of equal length.
  • 24 5/16" OR m8 nuts

- After the gantry is printed, you can mount the camera, connect your printer and camera to the computer and move forward.

Mounting the camera:



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