Design Streaming - Step by Step Tutorial

You are about to print a design from one of our partners and have loaded the widget.

The widget that looks like this:

You can generate your connection code by right-clicking on the app in the task bar or System Tray and selecting Get connection code.

Windows System tray:

OS X System tray.

After you click on Get connection code, the code will be automatically copied to you clipboard. You are ready to go. Click on the Enter Code button on the widget.


This is where you paste your connection code with Ctrl+V. 


Done that, it will proceed automatically and move you on to this: 


Here you can choose any printer model you would like. In this example I’ll pick Leapfrog Creatr (single nozzle) and click Next.


You’ll see this page. 

This is where you select the port and baud rate to communicate with your printer. Be sure to select the correct port and baud rate and then click Next.


You should see the connection test page. It will quickly establish a connection as the simulated printer is nearly instantaneously fast. It looks like this and you will click Done when the test is finished.

Now you’ll be able to select the settings for your print. You’ll need to decide on a material and print quality. Please remember: the actual settings you pick change the slicing settings. 


For this demo I chose PLA and Low (Faster) print quality. To proceed, click Submit settings.

You will now see the confirmation page. Here you can review your selections before starting the print. Mine looks like this, yours will looks lightly different, with the information from your design. Click Print Now!

Next you’ll see the print progress page. It will start by looking like this:


This progress page will move through several discrete phases. The first is preparing the file for printing, which means that we’re slicing it with our slicing engine.

Once that finishes you’ll see:

At this point the system is waiting for the printer to receive the file and to start processing the gcode.


Once the printer starts printing the file you’ll see the progress bar begin to fill and get temperature readings for your printer. 

As the print completes you’ll see this screen:


At this point you should look at your print and check the quality. If you’re satisfied you can indicate that the print was a success. If not, you can say that it wasn’t successful and tell us why.

This is the final page, the print is done.


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