Add Printers, Printer Types, and Modelers

  • Printer Type: To create a new printer you first have to make sure that the right printer type is already available, otherwise you have to create that first. You can check that in the Printer Type section of the Inventory drop down. A Printer Type is the model printer - for example an EOS M290. You may have multiple such systems in your office, which would be added as below. You can check whether the printer type exists under Inventory > Printer Type. If it does not, enter a name (such as EOS M290), description (optional), build volume (X, Y, Z, in mm), Manufacturer (this is a dropdown you can add to under Inventory > Manufacturers), which materials it can handle (multi-choice possible)

  • Printer: Now that you've added a Printer Type, you can add the actual printer. This is designed for you to be able to add multiple systems of the same type, potentially in different locations. If you want to be able to track the data from the printer automatically, then you also need to add the modeler address (see below).

  • Modeler: One of the more challenging fields in the "printer" form is the Modeler. This is the URI address of your printer which allows you to connect the MES system to the printer for automatic updates to order status, traceability report and more. However, this is an optional field - you can add a printer without this data connection and still complete all the same functionality. You get this Modeler address by going to > Analytics > Modelers > Add Modelers. Add the IP address of the printer currently connected, and then select the type of printer it is and assign a name to it.

Once you have done so, you can select the new printer. This should take you to the detail page of the printer, which shows you the latest data received by the printer, status, any errors and associated information.

It also shows you the URI. Copy that URI and paste it into the Modeler field in the "Add Printer" page, and the two should be connected - you should be able to see the same coloured light next to the printers name in the Queue as you can in the Modelers page under

NOTE: the process differs slightly for Carbon machines. for Carbon Machines please send us:

 - Carbon3D company-specific domain (
 - Carbon3D portal username, and password
 - Authentise username and password
 - Names (nickname) and ( if possible) mode of Carbon3D machine
Please email those details to Our Customer Support expert will add those modelers (3D Printers)  to your Bureau within 2-3 business days.


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