Print Run

  1. What's a Print Run? A print run is a collection (1-many) of orders being printed on the same printer with the same materials. Once a print run is saved it is automatically associated to a printer.
  2. What objects can be included in a Print Run? All order that have been assigned the status "confirmed" can be added to a new Print Run. The default value for a new order is "pending" so please remember to set it to "confirmed" in order to activate the order designs in the "print run: 
  3. What are possible Status settings for a Print Run?
    • In-progress
    • Complete
    • Error
  4. How do I create an new Print Run? You click on the button
  5. Can I track a Print Run in the Queue page? Yes, all Print Runs can be tracked automatically after installing Echo. However, a requirement for doing so successfully is that every print started on a monitored machine has the exact same filename as the name of the Print Run. For example, in this image you can see that Run ID is `9357df70-2034-47a5-96e3-fd29ebd371e3`. If you create a print on a printer whose name is `9357df70-2034-47a5-96e3-fd29ebd371e3` then MES will detect through Echo that the run has started and completed.

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