Print Run

  1. What's a Print Run? A print run is a collection (1-many) of orders being printed on the same printer with the same materials. Once a print run is saved it is automatically associated to a printer.
  2. What objects can be included in a Print Run?
    1. All order that have been assigned the status "confirmed" can be added to a new Print Run. The default value for a new order is "pending" so please remember to set it to "confirmed" in order to activate the order designs in the "print run".
    2. In addition items that are to be included in a run must have a template that has a printing step associated to them.
  3. What are possible Status settings for a Print Run?
    • In-progress
    • Complete
    • Error
  1. How do I create an new Print Run? You click on the button
  2. Can I track a Print Run in the Queue page? Yes, all Print Runs can be tracked automatically after installing Echo. However, a requirement for doing so successfully is that every print started on a monitored machine has the exact same filename as the name of the Print Run. For example, in this image you can see that Run ID is `9357df70-2034-47a5-96e3-fd29ebd371e3`. If you create a print on a printer whose name is `9357df70-2034-47a5-96e3-fd29ebd371e3` then MES will detect through Echo that the run has started and completed.

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