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Feature Overview


What is a Print Run?

  • A print run is a collection of 1 or more printed objects which are being printed by the same printer with the same materials at the same time. Once a print run is created it is automatically associated with a printer.


What objects can be included in a Print Run?

  • Individual Prints or entire Line Items
  • Remember, these objects will not be available for Print Run scheduling until their associated Line Items have been set to the status "Confirmed". mceclip0.png
  • Remember, the system will validate the contents of Print Run before creating it. Individual Prints or Line Items must have a workflow matching the planned Printer and all objects must share the same material to be grouped into the same Print Run.


Where can I schedule a new Print Run?

Here's an overview on scheduling.


How do I schedule a new Print Run?

  • Navigate to the Add Run page and select the printer that you would like to schedule a Print Run for. Select from the list of Prints or Line Items that you would like to include in the Print Run and add them to the build plate. Review the contents of the Build Plate and when you are ready, select Save Run. This will create the Print Run and trigger the system to automatically generate and schedule the additional Post Processing and Shipping Runs, as specified by your pieces' production workflows.


What are the possible statuses of a Print Run?

In Progress

Can I track a Print Run in the Queues page?

  • Yes, all Print Runs can be tracked automatically after installing Echo. To take advantage of the automated tracking, the filename of the build file uploaded to the monitored machine must be updated to match the UUID of the Print Run (orange box in the image below). For example, in this image you can see that Run ID is `03ef466e-deb4-4160-9682-58124f78b3e8`. If you run a build on a printer using a build file with the name `03ef466e-deb4-4160-9682-58124f78b3e8` the MES will detect through Echo that the run has started and completed.



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