Threads: How to Invite Users

This article outlines the process for how to invite users to Threads.


How to Invite Regular Users to Threads:

Workspace owners and admins can invite regular users by selecting the Invite button located on the settings page.

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After an admin invites a new user, the new user's email address will be shown in the pending list of Workspace Invites on the Workspace Settings page. The new user will receive an email prompting them to complete the signup process. Once the new user has done so, they will log into Threads, and their user profile will appear in the Workspace User list.


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How to Invite Guest Users to Threads:

Both regular and workspace owners and admins can invite guest users to a thread. To accomplish this, navigate to an existing thread and access the Contributors section. Click the Add (+) button and enter the email address of the user you'd like to add as a guest to Threads. The new guest user will be sent an invite via email that will prompt them to complete signup. Once the new guest user does so, they'll be added as a contributor on that thread. 

Note: After sending the invitation, the guest user's email address will appear as a pending workspace invite on the Workspace Settings page.


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How to Upgrade Users Roles:

Workspace owners and admins have the authority to adjust the roles of other users within the settings page. They can accomplish this by selecting the dropdown menu adjacent to the username in the Workspace Settings page and modifying the role accordingly.

Note: Admin and standards users cannot be downgraded to a guest users.


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