Vendor Managed Inventory of Tools

This article goes over the features that connects our Users with their external Vendor Service Providers. It is designed to show you how to assign and manage the tools associated with a specific vendor, and would be used for items such as build plates. 



This feature is designed to be used when tools required servicing or refurbishing by an external vendor or service provider.

The user is able to assign the required tools to the vendor. The vendor is then able to perform the required actions and return the tool to the user when it is ready for use. The detailed procedure and steps on management of vendor assigned tools are described below:


Walkthrough Guide - Setup

  • Creating a Vendor Account

You can create a vendor account by going to: Organize > Vendor Service Providers.

Click Add Vendor Service Provider button. A vendor account has already been created in the given image, namely Vendor Service Provider 1.

Fill out the required information and a link will be sent by Authentise to your vendor which they will use to create their account.  

It is important to note the vendor will not have access to any Bureau data - they can only see the Service Provider Bureau and can only take actions on the tools that are authorized to them by you.

By going to Inventory > Tools, a vendor can find the tools assigned to them along with the Status of the tool.

  •    Assigning Tools to the Vendor Service Provider

Tools can be assigned to the vendor service provider by assigning the tool types as described in the following video. The video describes how to assign a new tool type and a tool to a vendor.


Walkthrough Guide - Workflow

Once the vendor account is created and tools have been assigned to them, you are able to assign parts/tools to a production run and connect with the vendor to refurbish the tool as required.

  • Creating an Order and Production Runs

For a guide to create an order and production runs, please refer to this Step-by-Step User Guide.

  • Assigning Tools to the Production Run 

Once the order has been confirmed and production runs created, go to Plan > Runs and selected the required production run. The following window will appear.


The video below will show you how to assign the tool to the production run, and show you how the status of the tool changes both from the user's and vendor's view. 


  • Performing an Action on the Tool

Once the status of the tool changes to Needs Refurbishment, you can send it to the assigned vendor so they can refurbish the tool.

To do so click on Inventory> Tools and select the tool that is to be refurbished by clicking on the ID Field.

After clicking on the ID of the required tool, the following dialog box appears. Click on the Add Action tab to perform an action.

You can refer to the following video to see how to add an action for the tool and how the status of the tool changes for both the user and the vendor. 







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