If you want to print out a page with pertinent information related to an order that you're processing, we automatically generate a traveler. This is an "opt-in" feature. Please tell us if you want your bureau to have it. 

The traveler includes basic information such as:

  • Order Identifiers
  • Render
  • Date/Quantity
  • Material 
  • Shipping information
  • Process Steps

You can customize the traveler somewhat (include different information from the standard version from the data that you upload when you create an order). Please let us know if you'd like some. 

The traveler is delivered as a docx so you can edit it easily before printing it out. There is one per line item and you can download it in the line-item page (see the red-boxed area):

The traveler is generated every time you download it, meaning if you've changed something about the order or line item, it would be reflected and two travelers downloaded at different times for the same line item might not be identical.



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