We've just changed the way prices are calculated to give you more options in price design. You can now factor time and material usage in separately, and add a fixed cost per piece. To do so, you have to do the following:

Set a price per unity for the material. You can do so under Inventory >> Materials

Then you have to set a Printer Cost per Hour. You can do so in the Printer Type page under the Inventory drop down.

The price is set in USD but you can set conversions into other currencies via the Currency option in the Inventory tab.

Next, on the same Printer Type page (below the Printer Cost per Hour field), you can set the weighting between Printer Time and Material. This is of 100. If you allocate 100 to Printer Cost Scale Factor, and leave Material blank then only the Printer Time is going to be reflected in the final cost, and vice versa. Of course you can have a balance. 

You can also set a Overhead Cost Per Price. This is a fixed $ amount that will be added to the cost off every part made. If you want Post Processing costs to be considered in the final you have to set a cost at each Post Processing Type by setting a Cost per Minute and an average duration (in seconds).

As a result of these changes we've also made a small change to the way way the price is displayed, as you can see in the Example Estimate on the right of the new price settings:

Each Price now has a Printing Cost as well as a Bureau Cost. That Bureau Cost is the product of the calculation described above.

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