Service Provider Extension

For those who frequently outsource orders to Service Providers, we have just added a feature that makes it easier to manage those subcontractors and get benchmark pricing from other online sources. 

This Service Provider Extension is an elective - please contact us if you are interested in this feature.

To start off, please enter the names and contacts of your suppliers into the Inventory under "Third Party Providers".

Required information includes: 

Upon Submission, Authentise will send the provider introduction material and schedule an intro call. 

The provider will then appear in the list that appears alongside every line item. Doing so means that you can easily send the provider a request for quote by pressing Request Bid. This will send an email with links to the Traveler and the Geometry, which will expire after 10 days. These links will only be for the line item under consideration, not the whole order. 

Once the Service Provider has reviewed the offer, they can send you an email in return stating the time and cost they can provide the parts at, which you can enter and select. In this list you will also see those providers who are connected by API - initially Materialise and Shapeways. These will provide you an automatic price so that you know what the market has to offer.

Once you you are ready to make a choice, you can 'offer' the production to the Service Provider who will be informed of the final terms by email or you will be guided to the checkout for those services connected by API.

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