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Our integration with Autodesk Netfabb currently has one touch point - you can review incoming order files by clicking a button to display them in Netfabb. When you save them in Netfabb they should also be synced with Authentise.


1. We are managing this integration via the Forge platform, so you will need to have an account on as well as Netfabb (version 2019.1 or above) and an Authentise Bureau, naturally.

2. Your A360 account should also have a folder names "Authentise" in it.

3. You need to make sure you're logged in to your Autodesk account on your Netfabb version.

4. You'll you will also need to make sure that your settings on Netfabb are listening to our commands. You can change this setting by clicking "Settings" on the top right and moving the "Listen to Browser Plugin" setting to Yes:


5. Finally, because Autodesk didn't get quite ready in time you'll have to do one more thing for the next few months. Download this zip file, and extract it to "C:/" (yes, crazy! Right to the root folder!), then double click on the netfabbProtocolHandler Registry file. You'll get an alert, which you also have to confirm.

Promise, then you're done (if you've done it all right).

Logging in

  • Go to
  • Login with with your bureau (make sure the Netfabb integration has been activated)
  • Create or open an order
  • Go to the Line Item, and click on "login with Forge". Follow the instructions

Opening a File from Authentise to Netfabb

  • Once done, hard reload the page (CTRL+F5 in Chrome)
  • You should see a "Export to Netfabb" button. Click on it and wait. At this point it's uploading the model to Forge, so it might take a while.


  • Once it's been uploaded to Forge, you will see a green toaster top left. Click on the link contained therein. 
  • Now, it should load Netfabb.

Save to Authentise

Saving to Authentise from Netfabb is easy but only works for models that you previously exported for Authentise. To save, simply save the file in Netfabb.

You then have to press the "import from Netfabb" button.

If you want to make doubly sure that it's updated, you can click "Import from Netfabb". The update will be reflected in the traceability report as well as updating the date/time stamp next to the model name in the Line Item. 

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