Authentise QR Scanner

Authentise has now made it easier for you to track and stay up to date with the status of your manufacturing process with its addition of the Authentise QR Traveler and QR Scanner. To review supported browsers and operating systems for the app, please look here.



In order to successfully use the Authentise QR Scanner, you need to follow two basic steps:

1. Download and Print the Traveler Document(s)

2. Configure the QR Scanner on Your Mobile Device


Downloading the Traveler Document(s)

1. Go to and log in with your account information.

2. Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to

3. Select an order from the main page or navigate to the orders page and select an order.


4. Scroll down to the “CAD File” section and locate the “Prints” section. Click the blue download arrow next to the status and the Traveler document will begin downloading onto your computer.


5. The QR Traveler will open in a new browser tab and is able to be printed from there. It contains a 2D render of the piece and various order/line item/piece information. Contact if you would like to adjust the details on your QR travelers.



6. You can also generate all travelers in a Run by navigating to a Printing Run and clicking Print All Travelers.



7. Printing the Travelers (Certified Printers)

While the traveler is designed to scale to the size of paper that you choose to print to, we have certified the Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo to print the travelers at a manageable size (2-5/16" x 4"). We used the following printer settings (note the paper size that is selected: 30256 Shipping).



Now that you have the Traveler documents with the QR Code, you are ready to start using the QR scanner to track the progress of the item. Next, follow the Mobile Configuration steps to get started with the QR Scanner.


QR Scanner Configuration on Your Mobile Device


1. Go to and tap “Log in to get started".



 2. Log-in to Authentise using your account information.



3. When prompted “ Would Like to Access the Camera”, please tap “Allow”.


4. Align the QR Code on the traveler document inside the red square on the QR Code Scanner.


5. If successful, the scanner will display a green check box and navigate to the current run for the scanned piece. This run will contain all of the pieces for the run and any applicable work instructions for a piece, as specified by that piece's work instructions defined at either the piece/line item/workflow/or workstation type level. The operator is directed through the checklist and may (or must) enter various data such as text, numbers, images, or documents.

mceclip1.png mceclip0.png


If you are having trouble with the camera on your mobile device, you may need to check your browser settings on your device to ensure that you have browser access to the camera enabled.

(***Steps and screenshots for this below***)


Enabling Camera Access in Safari Browser (iOS)

1. Tap “Settings” on your Home Screen.



2. Scroll down to “Safari” and tap the settings tab.



3. Scroll to “Camera & Microphone Access” option and slide the selector to the right to enable access.


Best Label Printer to use

  • Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo


Known iOS Limitations

Currently, when using an iOS device, the QR app is only able to be used with Safari. This is due to OS-level constraint that prevents API access to third-party browsers operating on iOS devices. If this is changed by Apple, we may be able to expand the browsers that can run the QR app on iOS devices.


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