What data can I change and when can I change it?

Overall, the system works on a permissive basis and you can only change certain allowed items depending on an Order/Line Item's current status. This is to help ensure data integrity as a print progresses through the manufacturing process. To see the rules around changing these statuses, please see this page.


As a reminder, the high-level flow of statuses can be seen below.  Full status definitions can be found here.:

New > Pending > Confirmed > Complete/Cancelled


Line Item or Order status of New or Pending:

  •  you can change any data within the line item/order

When the Line Item status is Confirmed or higher:

  • You can change:
    • Model Units
    • Layer Thickness
    • Quantity 
    • Notes
    • Material
    • Workflow
    • Design Hours (but the price won't update based on them)
  • You cannot change (this is not an exhaustive list):
    • Model/Design File
    • Service Provider

When the Order status is Confirmed or higher

  • You can change:
    • Model Units 
    • Customer Information/Shipping Information
    • Order Owner
    • Notes
    • Custom Fields
  • You cannot change:
    • Order Offer/Quote Information


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