What data can I change when?

When an order is in Pending, you can change any data. 

When an order is confirmed or higher (see status definitions here), we work on a permissive bases meaning that you can only change certain allowed items. To make other changes, you have to move the part back into Pending. To see the rules around this, please see this page.

When the Line Item status is Confirmed or higher:

  • You can change:
    • Model Units
    • Layer Thickness
    • Quantity 
    • Notes
    • Additional 
    • Design Hours (but the price won't update based on them)
  • You cannot change (this is not an exhaustive list):
    • Model/Design File
    • Service Provider

When the Order status is Confirmed or higher: 

  • You can change:
    • Model Units 
    • Customer Information/Shipping Information
    • Order Owner
    • Notes
    • Custom Fields
  • You cannot change:
    • Order Offer/Quote Information
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