Status Changes

This page describes what status changes are permitted, and which logic we follow.

Changing status from Pending to Confirmed

  • Generally permitted, but if you are using the Order Offer feature and there is an order outstanding it must be confirmed (if applicable by entering the PO). Alternatively, if an order offer is not required anymore, you can click the Order Offer tick box to undo that action. 

Changing status from Confirmed to Pending

  • Generally this is not advised, but it is possible if no run has been created. If a run has been created, delete that run to move the part into pending.
  • Same applies to the Order. The order status is the sum of the line item statuses as defined here. If that status is Confirmed, you won't be able to take actions such as adding new line items. 

To see what information you can change when the order is in confirmed, please see this page.

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