The way currencies are currently organized is a little temperamental so we've made a guide for you:

Currencies are ONLY reflected in orders. That means that you have to have activated the Currency field when selecting your Order Fields. If you haven't done so, please contact us.


Setting up Currencies for your AM bureau example:

To create a currency option, go to the tab in "Manage" > "Currencies".


This will allow you to add multipliers for each currency. Set your Default Currency to 1. Your Default Currency is the currency used at your AM bureau center. For example, if your AM bureau is located in the United States, USD should be your Default Currency and therefore USD should be assigned a multiplier value of 1. This means that if a value of 100 is entered in the ordering stage for a Cost field item, the value entered will be multiplied by the currency multiplier (in this case, 1 if USD currency is selected in the Order form). All other currencies will be scaled (relative to the Default currency) based on the multiplier value indicated. For example, if USD is assigned a multiplier value of 1, EUR should be assigned a multiplier value of 0.90. 

Note: It is best practice to set up multipliers for each currency to ensure all currency types are supported and properly converted.


The multipliers affect all the pricing data you've entered in the Printer Type, Post Processing Type, etc. Those numbers are currency agnostic. They are simply a number. That number gets multiplied with the respective currency number to give you the final price in the Order Page.  



 We know it's not the most intuitive way of handling currencies. We're working on improving it. 


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