2D vs 3D Packing

RapidFab has introduced the option of choosing 2D or 3D Packing.

Previous, all run models were only able to be packed in a 2D plane by default, and exported as only STL files. Now you have the ability to choose between 2D and 3D packing and export via STL and 3MF files.


Selecting Packing Type

To change the packing type settings, navigate to the "Printer Types" page:

(Navigation Bar: Manage > Printer Types)

Click on a listed printer type and scroll down to the dropdown selection field titled "Build Packer Type".



You can toggle between the 2D Packing and 3D Packing options by clicking on the field. 



After you have selected your packing type scroll up to the to top of the page and click "Save".



Exporting 3MF Files

To access the 3MF export file go to a printing run (Navigation: Plan > Runs) and click the 3MF download option. You can can re-upload the files once edited, however, if you upload an .stl file you will not be able to download the 3MF file anymore.




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