Creating a Flow via Microsoft Power Automate

What can you do with Authentise and Microsoft Power Automate Flows?

  • Automate processes using easy to use logic and pre-built tools.
  • Generate vital statistics and reports using readily available data analysis tools.
  • Receive notifications when specific events occur.
  • Link information tied to the manufacturing processes to 3rd party software.
  • Maintain full control of your workflow and automations - even outside of our MES.


The example we will use here will be a recurring flow that delivers a CSV file for orders within the MES system every month.

Here's how to set up your flow:

1. Click "Scheduled-from blank" from the "New" dropdown.


2. Give your flow a name and an automated interval if you choose, or you can click "Skip".


3. You can begin adding steps to your flow. Initial step should be your recurrence to trigger the flow.


4. The next step is to connect the flow to the Authentise custom connector. This is very important as it allows the data to be imported from the Authentise API and used to create files, reports, notifications, etc..


5. From here we want to start creating the CSV file using the "resources" provided from the custom connector. In order to select the specific fields you want imported into the CSV file please select "Custom" in the Columns dropdown. After that you will be able to provide your own custom names for each column on the left hand side called "Header" and then relate it to the actual data from the connector resources on the right hand side under "value"


6. Now we can choose exactly what to do with the CSV file. In this example we will set it to automatically be dropped into a OneDrive folder linked to the account every month when the flow is run. Most importantly, we want to make sure that the "File Content" area is grabbing the "Output" from the "Create CSV table" step. After that, you can select folder path and the file name. Common additional options here are E-mail delivery, Excel spreadsheet conversions, etc..



Microsoft contains many automation tools and connectors that allow you to customize the flow that is right for you. For more information on Microsoft Flows and how to configure different flow types please visit: Official Microsoft Flow Documentation



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