Locations are a powerful way to take control of order and task management throughout your manufacturing operation. At its core, the MES Location field is used to assign orders, line-items, and/or manufacturing resources to a specific location. This subsequently dictates which users can see and edit these items based on their assigned location-based role(s). The list of locations and assignments of users to location-based roles can be edited by the Bureau Administrator.


How do locations work?
Locations represent independently running manufacturing centers. You will see 'Location' related fields for printers, post-processors, and user administration and may have them added to Orders, upon request. System administrators are also able to self administer the list of Locations as needed. 


Adding a new location:

Navigate to "Manage" > "Locations"


Click the Add Location button. 


Each location requires a Name, Address, Country, and primary contact phone number. In addition, a user within the bureau must be assigned as the location's Contact.


Location-based Roles: 
Creating a Location will generate an associated Location-based role in the User Administration Page. By assigning a User as a 'Location User', that user will be limited to seeing orders or line-items assigned to that specific location. This will prevent, for example, users with the role "Location: Mountain View, CA", from seeing orders, line items, and print jobs that are specifically set to "Location: Philadelphia, PA".



When can Orders and Line Items be seen by other user roles?

Note: Order or Line Items not assigned to a specific location will be visible to all location-based users. This can allow location-based users to change the Location field to their manufacturing location to assign an order or line item to their own location.

"Manager" and 'global-user' roles are able to view, edit, and use resources across all locations. This allows Authentise customers to assign a manager or managers to distribute work that is being done across the network. 



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