Runs - Post Processing

Post-processing is an important step in every AM process to maintain quality and ensure all parts meet their design specifications. When a piece's Print Run is created, the necessary post processor runs, according to a piece's Production Workflow, are automatically scheduled too.  Additionally, post-processing runs can be added during production by changing a piece's workflow. 

To change a piece’s workflow, navigate to Build Plate Details on the Post Processing Run page. Select “Workflow Change” at Production Change Information, including the part you want to apply the changes to. Click Save when you have chosen your desired workflow.


Read here for more changes that can be done during production, including remanufacturing and Non-conformance Reviews.

Where can I track the status of a Post Processing Run?

You can see the current status of a run as well as manually change its status on Post Processing Run ppage. These changes, which are color coded, are reflected on the Machine Queues page.

  • Queued (blue)
  • Calculated (purple)
  • In Progress (orange)
  • Error (red)


When the piece has completed its post processing run, it will then move onto the shipping run.

Nesting & Scheduling Post Processing Runs



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