Supported Browsers and Operating Systems

The Authentise MES is supported by multiple pieces of software and each has its own group of supported browsers and operating systems. We strive to make this list as comprehensive as possible. If you do not see your preferred browser or OS and would like to chat, reach out at


Application Description Supported Web Browsers Supported Operating Systems
Rapidfab MES Web Application Firefox, Safari, Chrome (Latest Versions) N/A, reliant on the web browser that is being used
QR Mobile-Friendly Web Application Firefox, Safari, Chrome (Latest Versions)

Android 13+, iOS16+*

(Please see OS configuration instructions to ensure your device is properly permissioned)

Echo Machine Connectivity Support Application N/A

Windows 10+


Please download one of the following web browsers from the links below.

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:



Known iOS Limitations for QR App

Currently, when using an iOS device, the QR app is only able to be used with Safari. This is due to OS-level constraint that prevents API access to third-party browsers operating on iOS devices. If this is changed by Apple, we may be able to expand the browsers that can run the QR app on iOS devices.



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