Data Spillage Process

Sometimes customers upload unintended data that must be removed from the system.  Our Data Spillage Process covers our procedure in responding to this kind of customer mistake.

As always, a customers first action will be to delete line-item, models, or other resources they have uploaded in error.  However, we do store deleted items in a 'Trash' mode to assist in recovery.

Data Spillage Process:

  1. After initial deletion by the customer, the customer will file a ticket in the usual way notifying us of their unintended data upload.  They should use the keyword 'Data Spill' to trigger immediate IT notifications.
  2. We will have a call to verify via an appropriate staff member with proper clearance, steps taken and next steps.
  3. The appropriate IT people (based on security & skill) will meet with developers to identify all related or impacted database or file records that need to be 'Hard Deleted'.
  4. The records will be completely removed ('Hard Delete') from the backend, and logged. 
  5. We will notify the customer to verify we have completed the cleanup.

The time it takes us to respond to each ticket are governed by our normal SLA. As guidance (SLA will always trump this list):

Step Base SLA Enhanced Security SLA
2. Verify  10 Hours 2 Hours
4. Deletion/Notification 4 Days 24 Hours


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