Authentise is excited to announce the (not so) groundbreaking update to how you manage communications, conversations, and important notes in your MES. We have rolled out a replacement to our existing Order level Notes field with Comments! We have taken your feedback and incorporated it into this feature and we are excited to see how partners benefit from the enhanced traceability, accountability, and usability Comments will provide. 


What to expect...

In your Order summaries, we have replaced the existing Notes field with a comments section that indicates who and when someone has added a comment. This means that future Order level "Notes" will now be recorded as comments instead. This comments section is also visible within the Order Summary (and in its own box!). Alas, if you are concerned about your existing order Notes, fear not! As a part of the move to comments, we are going to convert all Order Notes into an initial comment within their Order so that your data is easy to find. For Orders created after Comments is live, you will not be able to add Order level Notes and instead will submit comments to capture this information.

If you have any existing Customizations related to the Order level Notes field, be on the lookout for an email from our Customer Success team to discuss what you specifically can expect. Overall, we feel this change is going to be a nice step forward for our partners and platform and we hope you are excited as we are! Feel free to submit any feedback or suggestions on the feature here.


Since launching this update, we have also added the ability to Mention users (triggering an email notification to be sent their way), assign comments to a user as a Comment Action, and to mark Comment Actions as In Progress/Complete. Comments have also been incorporated in Prep Tasks, added to our Piece page, and may be added to other places in the MES in the future.


What the Comment box looks like!



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