Data Processors

Authentise maintains, and regularly updates, a list of data processors. Each of these data processors adheres to the same stringent controls to protect your data that Authentise also adheres to. You may enforce claims you have directly against them if you find yourself unable to enforce them against us. The Data Processors highlighted below apply to different products.

All products/Marketing

Name Service Country Data Start (m/d/y)
Amazon Web Services Server USA Customer PII 2/2/2013
Microsoft  Server USA Customer PII incl High Security Customers  3/28/2019
Wix USA Marketing PII 3/1/2020
Authentise Ltd Development UK Customer PII 3/2/2021
Sloboda Studio Development Ukraine Customer PII 1/1/2022
Authentise Inc Development USA Customer + Marketing PII  1/1/2022
Auto-preneur Development Morrocco Marketing PII 5/22/2023
Google Analytics USA Marketing PII 8/30/2023
Sendinblue Marketing France Marketing PII 8/30/2023


Name Service Country Data Start (m/d/y)
CASTOR Technologies Ltd Algorithm Israel Design data (opt in) 2/1/2023

Threads only

Name Service Country Data Start (m/d/y)
Encube Algorithm Sweden Discussion + Documents + User data (opt in) 10/01/2023
Plyable Algorithm UK Discussion + Documents + User data (opt in) 01/20/2024
Google Algorithm USA Discussion + Documents + User data (opt in) 01/01/2024
Microsoft Algorithm USA Discussion + Documents + User data (opt in) 01/9/2024


Data Processors marked with "opt in" are algorithm provides that are optional add-ons to our tools. You can decide whether these integrations are accessed for yourself. 

These lists may be updated from time to time. In any case, this list will be updated at least 30 days before taking effect. 


Additional information on our Standard Processes/clauses can be found here: 


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