Partnership Types

There are at least 5 ways to partner with Authentise:

Type Description
Machine OEM Machine OEMs typically provide data access to their machines via API or similar method. EOS, Formlabs, 3D Systems, and others have all partnered with Authentise in this way. For more information on what kind of data we need, see here.
Algorithm Provider Third party algorithm providers integrate their solutions into the Authentise interface. Generally speaking, they will have no interface of their own or only redirect users to their interface when detailed interaction is required. The list of modules shows which modules currently include third party components. Modules with contributions from Algorithm Partners are generally available at a premium to our customers, and that additional revenue is then shared between the Algorithm Provider and Authentise. To understand how we charge our customers, see this article.
Software Partners Software Partners have a sync integration into Authentise. This means that users can trigger the Software Partners solution to load from Authentise. The most frequent use of this is CAD software, where the part under consideration is automatically loaded into to the CAD solution. Once finished in CAD, the design can be sync'd back into Authentise. See this video of the Autodesk/Authentise integration.
IT Integrations ERP, PLM, and other IT systems usually use our RESTful API's to integrate with our systems. There are a variety of use cases for this - for instance, exchanging orders or order status information, getting a quote from Authentise without loading the interface, or managing material inventory. If you're looking to integrate your IT systems, please check out our API docs.
System Integrators System integrators help deploy Authentise with clients, complete IT Integraitons and more. If you're interested in helping us do this, please contact us.




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