Scheduling Runs - Overview

Runs are a core component within the Authentise MES. Runs consist of 1 or more pieces that are being worked on at the same time. Runs can perform three different operations today: Printing, Post Processing, and Shipping. Runs allow you to track your production process by seeing which workstations are working on which runs (which contain a group of 1 or more pieces). Runs are the primary place where operators will interact with the Authentise MES.


To see more detail regarding specific types of Runs, Check out these pages.

  1. Runs - Printing
  2. Runs - Post Processing
  3. Runs - Shipping


Scheduling Runs

Authentise seeks to automate your scheduling process and uses a combination of production workflows and your inventory workstations to anticipate your needs. We have multiple automations built within the Runs system.


Manually Scheduling a Printing Run automatically generates Post Processing and Shipping Runs

After manually scheduling a printing run, the additional Post Processing runs are automatically created and assigned to your various post-processor and shipping steps (as defined in your Line Item's workflow(s)). For more details on how to manually schedule a Printing Run, check out our Step-by-Step User Guide.



Automatically Scheduling Runs

Automatically scheduling runs is an option that is specified at the Line Item level by simply checking the Auto-create Run checkbox. This will enable the schedule to automatically create a run for this line item when its status is set to confirm. This automatically created run will be unlocked, allowing future confirmed pieces (with this checkbox checked) to be added to the unlocked printing runs.



Automatically Created Runs - Production Workflow Changes

Once a piece has been scheduled for production runs, you change a piece's production workflow to add additional steps. If you do this, the MES will automatically generate new runs containing the piece which match the newly added workflow steps. Runs that are automatically created by changing a production workflow are aptly named, "Auto-create Run...".





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