Changes during Production: Remanufacturing and Re-work

The Authentise MES supports multiple types of changes after a piece has begun production on the manufacturing facility floor. Commonly referred to as re-work, re-manufacture, redlining, or change requests, the MES seeks to streamline this process and support our users as they perform this work.


Each of the production changes is initiated within the Runs section of the MES and affects one or more pieces. The options for production changes can be foun in the Build Plate Details box.



1. Change Production Workflow:

Clicking one of the edit buttons triggers a familiar interaction allowing the user to change the currently assigned workflow for a single piece. The user is also given the option to update or add additional work instructions for the piece too. Commonly this is used to add Review Boards, incorporate last-minute changes/redlines to the production workflow, or to address an error that was made during planning for the piece. Adding additional steps will result in the system automatically creating new runs for the piece. Removing steps will result in the system automatically removing that piece from the related runs.



Document a reason for the workflow change and adjust the workflow as needed. Clicking save will provide you the option to adjust the Work Instructions for the new workflow before completing your Production Workflow change. 


2. Remanufacture

Selecting one or more pieces using the Remanufacture checkboxes will allow you to send one or more pieces through a prescribed remanufacture process. After clicking the Remanufacture button, you will be given the option to pick the Remanufacture action (Fail Part or Redo this run only) and record some information about why the remanufacture is occurring. 


Fail Part - Selecting this will result in the Piece(s) being re-queued for manufacture scheduling via the Run creation page. 

Redo this run only - Selecting this will result in the Pieces having an automatic workflow change that inserts the same process step as the next step of each of the selected Piece(s) workflows. Note if a batch of Pieces is redone, they will all be batched into the same (new) Run.





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