Installing the Authentise Custom Connector for Microsoft Power Automate

Authentise has developed a Custom Connector to ease your interactions with our API when using Microsoft's Power Automate platform to automate and integrate your workflow. For more general documentation about MS Power Automate, please find that here. For a specific guide for how to obtain and install our Custom Connector, please continue reading!


Getting our Custom Connector: 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager, open a Zendesk ticket, or email to receive access to our custom connector. 


Custom connectors:

MS Power Automate has built-in connectors; this essentially allows the user to connect multiple applications and automate workflows. I.e., Connecting Gmail attachments to save on to OneDrive automatically.

Custom connectors are connectors developed by the organisation. Custom connectors facilitate the use of organisation API to help connect and automate processes.

Benefits of custom connectors:

  • Third-party integration 
  • Build better data sets.
  • Automate internal processes.
  • Quick and safe Automation (no code)

Importing the Connector:

  1. On the Power Automate Home page, go to Data on the left NavBar
  2. Expand the the drop-down menu, click custom connectors.
  3. On the right-hand side, go to + new custom connector
  4. On the drop-down, click Import an OpenAPI file 


Add a good Connector Name (Such as Authentise API Connector), click Import to select the swagger file that you have previously received from our team, and click continue


Ensure proper set up of the Connector, poorly set up Connectors will not function properly.

Setting up the Connector:

  • On the connector page, you will see 5 Tabs and you will have minimal changes to make.

  1. Finalize the name of the connector within your Environment. This is how you will reference this custom connector after fully creating it. This value cannot be changed after creating it. We recommend the name Authentise API Connector.
  2. Optionally upload an image for the connector. This will help you further differentiate it during use. 
  3. Ensure your host value is the correct environment that you use to access Authentise. This is most commonly but please speak to your CSM if you have any questions about this configuration. It can be updated/changed after creating the connector. 
  4. Now click create connector and navigate to the Test tab to ensure that the connector imported properly. 



Use the Username and Password that you use to login to your Authentise account. Contact your CSM or open a Zendesk ticket if you have any issues with access. The connector will fail without the proper credentials.





Using the Connector

When all of the Operations are tested successfully, you are ready to use your our Custom Connector! Within your flows, you can find the custom connectors under the Custom tab when you add a new step. We look forward to hearing about the awesome automations that you are able to make using your ingenuity and our connectors!






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