Group Qualifications / User Groups


The Group Qualifications feature offers user-defined controls that control access and permitted interactions with various bureau resources (Printer or Post Processor Types). This controls which users can edit data, for example, update a production workflow.



Who can create User Groups?

Bureau Managers have access to make edits on all resources. Under User Groups, they can create new groups, and add users to each specific group.

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What can members of a User Group do?

Once a resource has been assigned to a group, only Bureau Managers and members of that User Group can edit that resource. These allocated Users therefore can: 

  • Edit individual run statuses/ details on that Workstation Type 
  • Schedule details for runs on that Workstation Type
  • ‘Rework’ functions allowing for Workflow, Work Instructions, Printer type, and Post Processor changes 
  • Configure Work Instructions

Prep Workflows and User Groups

User Groups can also be assigned to Prep Tasks at the Prep Workflow level. This will only allow Bureau Managers and members of that User Group to complete the Prep Task at Line Item level.


What about Standard Users that are not assigned to the User Group?

Standard Users are non-restricted users on a Bureau that can in general edit everything except for Location Users, unless a specific resource expressly limits which `User Group’ can edit the resource. If a Standard User attempts to make an edit on a resource assigned to a User Group which they are not part of, they will notice that they are blocked from saving the change. They can also read a message on a tooltip explaining why they cannot make edits.

Example: A User Story

1. Adam, a Bureau Manager, creates a 'Lab Operators' Public Group, and assigns users Pam to the group. He does not assign Oliver to that group.

2. Adam then assigns the user group to the 'EOS M 400' machine type.

3. Pam makes an edit to a Workflow containing a 'EOS M 400' machine type while taking an order. She is able to save her edits due to membership in 'Lab Operators' public Group.

4. Oliver tried to rework a run containing a 'EOS M 400' machine type. Edit button is disabled and Oliver hovers over a tooltip text explaining why button is disabled.




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