Shipping - Shipping Runs and Shipments

Shipping is a special type of operation, which is managed by Authentise. Because of the nuance of shipping operations, shipping is handled slightly differently than standard post processing operations. Shipping in Authentise relies on 3 main items: 

  1. Shipping Partners
  2. Shipping Runs
  3. Shipments


Shipping Partners

Shipping Partners are found under the Manage menu and serve to differentiate between the different types of shipping services that you may use for a given Shipment. Previously called Shipping Types, Shipping Partners will be specified in Workflows and selected in Order Summaries. By default, each Line Item within an order may have an independently assigned Shipping Partner.

If the Whole Order Shipments option checkbox is selected, we will enforce that the Shipping Partner, which is set in the Order Summary, matches that of each of the Line Item workflows in a given order. If there is a miss-match, the system will provide a handy error to communicate the Shipping/Workflow Conflict when you attempt to confirm a Line Item for Manufacturing.



In an Order, the Shipping Partner (previously Shipping Type) must match its Line Item workflows.



Shipping Partner as seen in the Line Item workflow.


Shipping Runs

Shipping Runs are where we expect you will prepare a piece or pieces for shipping. This is most commonly used to capture the "packing" activities that are involved in a shipping operation such as gathering appropriate paperwork, ensuring pieces are adequately packaged/ protected, and generating packing lists and labels for a shipment.

The standard behavior in the system is that every piece will receive its own Shipping Run. This allows a user to consciously scan and complete the Packing steps necessary for every object that will be sent out for shipment. Shipping Runs are found under the Plan menu and will run after the corresponding Printing Runs and Post Processing Runs.



Shipments are found under the Manage menu and correspond to a specific Whole Order Shipment Order. Under this feature, the user can edit fields specific to the Shipment, including dates, shipping status, tracking number, and shipping/ billing address. The page will also generate the QR code linked to the Shipment, which will take you straight to QR by clicking on it.

Shipments are used to track the actual shipping of the order, which occurs after the Shipping Runs. The only way to create a Shipment is to select our optional Whole Order Shipments feature when creating a new Order. A Shipment will automatically be created, and a link to this Shipment will be displayed under the corresponding Order Summary. If you were to cancel the shipment step in the Workflow of one of the pieces in the order, it will automatically cancel all shipment steps related to that Whole Order Shipment.


The Shipment page will contain all details relating to a Whole Order Shipment.



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