Authentise Product Library



The Authentise model libraries enable users to build personal and public repositories of three-dimensional models of parts. The libraries are categorised into 3 types:

My Library

In 'My library' , users are offered a personal library. This library can only be accessed by the logged in user.

Company Library

In the company library, all logged in users can view and access the uploaded files. However, there are some restrictions to non-administrator users. Changes to the part file in this library can only be made by users with administrative permissions.

Manager Library

In the manager library, only users with administrator permissions can view the part files.

Uploading products

To upload a product, users can select one or multiple files (click here to view supported file types). Depending on the users role, the product will be added to one of the libraries.




As well as the libraries, users with manager permissions can access administration pages to make changes to user roles and to add or edit product labels. 


Bureau managers are able to view the list of current users and add new users to the bureau. Managers can also make changes to their user permissions.



Labels can be created that can be attached to products. These allow users to add product specific details to the uploaded products. Through the labels, users can filter the library products based on the labels selected.





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